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Welcome to Minerva Medical Clinic

Minerva Medical Clinic is a leading edge diagnostic and treatment centre located at 39 Hartfield Road, in the centre of Wimbledon. This state-of-the-art clinic specialises in outpatient services and has the very latest diagnostic and ultrasound facilities.

Our highly skilled consultants ensure all of our patients receive the very best personal and professional healthcare in five well-equipped consulting rooms and three treatment rooms.

A complete list of conditions treated along with related specialists is available in our services and specialties section.

We also have Information for Referrers.


New in 2015 - Breathlessness Clinic

A new clinic at Minerva Medical Clinic to assess unexplained breathlessness.

Breathlessness has many causes and the majority are secondary to heart and lung diseases. Dr Raj Sharma, Consultant Cardiologist and Professor Brendan Madden, Professor of Cardiothoracic Medicine have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with both commonly encountered and rare cardiopulmonary problems.

This jointly run clinic offers an opportunity to assess, diagnose and treat patients with unexplained breathlessness quickly.

Please call the clinic to arrange an appointment